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#   Sun damage
#   Wrinkles
#   Pigmentation
#   Acne scars
#   Active acne
#   Face & neck veins
#   Leg veins
#   Unwanted hair
#   Tattoos
#   Age warts
#   Birthmarks
#   Genital lesions
#   Skin cancers
#   Muscle relaxants
#   Fillers
#   Chemical Peels
#   Microdermabrasion

About our Lasers

Laser treatment is the perfect modern choice for enhancing the appearance of the skin. Lasers have been around for about 35 years, but the last decade has seen a tremendous leap in technology with the use of computers, which means that lasers are now much safer, accurate and minimally invasive...

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Neutral Bay Laser & Dermatology Clinic

and the Sydney Cosmetic Laser Clinic

'The SAFEST Laser Clinic, With the BEST Results '.

Our outstanding safety record and commitment to achieving excellence in our field, means the best cosmetic results for you!

We offer specialist services in laser and cosmetic procedures.

All procedures are performed in our fully equipped clinic offering on-premises day surgery. We specialise in minimally invasive treatments, with a shorter recovery time, meaning less time off work!

Come and meet our friendly, professional staff who make sure that you are fully informed and that your time with us is as enjoyable as possible.
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We look forward to meeting you!

Please browse our site for more information or contact the clinic to make an appointment to see one of our expert doctors or nurses for an initial consultation.

Warmest regards Jim
# 'Specialty-of-the-house'

  The Walter-Nolan Laser Rejuvenation Procedures

Our most popular and well accepted procedures which can be used on the face, neck or chest.

These minimally invasive procedures using 2, 3, or 4 lasers over 3 or 4 sessions spaced a month apart give the skin a wonderful lustre, texture and feel.

# Skin smoothing and tightening

  An exciting new development at our clinic is the Fraxel laser, a unique approach to repairing ageing and sun damaged skin of the face, neck and chest. The treatment is non or minimally invasive with minimal down time.
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  Latest News Items
# Fraxel Laser Treatments
# CO2 Fraxel Laser
# Penthrox Analegsia
# Melasma
# Ulthera Skin Tightening
# Fillers & Relaxants
# New Tatoo Ink

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